Individual Benefit Plans

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GDC Financial Group, Inc. has a longstanding history of helping clients successfully plan for a secure future. Whether it be through a defined benefit or defined contribution plan, our clients can select from a host of retirement plans.

  • Pension and Profit Sharing
  • 401 (k); 403 (b)
  • Variable/Fixed Annuities

How your lifestyle will be at the time of your retirement depends on the benefit choices you make today. GDC Financial Group, Inc. offers thousands of resources which can be used to custom fit a benefit for you, your spouse and your family's future.

Our experienced professionals can design a program to maximise tax advantages and income benefits.

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Term Life Insurance provides temporary, affordable life insurance protection. Since term insurance is available in large amounts for a low initial premium, it provides a simple solution to pay off a loan debt, and provide extra life insurance protection while raising a family.

Permanent Life Insurance is a supplemental product for when your term life insurance contracts end. Experience peace of mind knowing that your permanent life policy is still in force, protecting your family. Feel secure knowing that if something happened to you today, your family has options because they are protected.

Many families use their benefit for:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Education
  • Daily Expenses/Bills
  • Child Care

Income protection assures that businesses will have the ability to continue to meet financial obligations in the event of a partner's or key employee's disability. Disability income insurance provides a convenient, affordable way to ensure that your income will continue even if you were unable to earn a paycheck due to a disabling injury or illness. Disability Income Protection is a valuable source of financial security for you and your family.

Disability Income Protection Plan provides you with a check each month to help you stay financially secure. People protect themselves with health insurance, protect their families with life insurance, and insure their assets with auto and homeowners insurance and yet fail when it comes to protecting their income.

Without a plan in place to protect your income in the event that you are too sick or disabled to work and earn a paycheck, all that you have worked so hard to attain could be compromised.

Knowing you can take care of your family when you ’re out on disability can give you peace of mind. GDC Financial, Inc. can help you prepare for the unexpected with a variety of disability protection plans.
These include:

  • Guaranteed Renewable
  • Voluntary Employee
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Disability Buy-Out

Insurance is an integral component in the estate planning process.  After analyzing a client's needs and net worth, as well as retirement and estate distribution objectives, GDC Financial assists in identifying the appropriate solutions to meet current and future goals.  Our professionals will work closely with your legal counsel and other advisors to assure the program selected consistently meets specified objectives.

To assure clients of adequate health care coverage throughout their lifetimes, GDC Financial, Inc. offers various alternatives.

These include:

  • Annuities*: Plans which Guarantee Lifetime income
  • Medigap plans to supplement Medicare Parts A and B
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • No premium and low premium Medicare Risk

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, under which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments. In return, the insurer agrees to make periodic payments to you beginning immediately or at some future date. Annuities typically offer tax-deferred growth of earnings and may include a death benefit that will pay your beneficiary a guaranteed minimum amount, such as your total purchase payments.

There are generally two types of annuities—fixed and variable. In a fixed annuity, the insurance company guarantees that you will earn a minimum rate
of interest during the time that your account is growing. The insurance company also guarantees that the periodic payments will be a guaranteed amount per dollar in your account. These periodic payments may last for a definite period, such as 20 years, or an indefinite period, such as your lifetime or the lifetime of you and your spouse.

Long term care isn’t intended to cure you. It is chronic care that you might need for the rest of your life. This care can span years and can be expensive depending on the type of care you need and location where that care is received. Long term care insurance is one way of helping to pay for these expenses.

These programs provide security for our clients by providing the proper coverage(s) should the need arise and comprise an integral part of any estate or retirement plan.


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